What is Image-Guided SRT and How Does It Compare to Mohs?

A skin cancer diagnosis can be stressful. One thing that can help ease any fears is the knowledge that your dermatology-certified provider can offer you the latest, most advanced technologies in your treatment process. At Biltmore Dermatology, we specialize in image-guided SRT, or IG-SRT. This exciting new option is an alternative to traditional Mohs surgery and presents many benefits. If you’re new to non-melanoma skin cancer treatments or are unsure what options are available, here’s what to know about SRT and what you can expect at our Terre Haute, IN office.

What is Image-Guided SRT?

SRT stands for superficial radiation therapy. It’s a treatment process that uses low-dose radiation administered from outside the body to target only cancerous growths on the skin while leaving the other skin and underlying tissues unaffected. This multi-stage treatment has an incredibly high success rate (99.3%) and fewer risks than traditional treatments, making it one of the most preferable skin cancer treatments to date. In fact, the radiation levels used during IG-SRT are comparable to a simple dental X-ray.

What’s the Difference Between IG-SRT and Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery has been the traditional option for skin cancer treatment. This specialized surgery works by removing layers of skin at a time and checking them with a microscope to assess whether any cancerous cells are still present. Although it’s effective, it requires a lot of patience and comes with the risk of visible scarring (especially in areas like the face). The biggest benefits of SRT over Mohs surgery are that it’s pain-free, and there is no risk of scarring or even the need for incisions. This also makes it ideal for certain patients who aren’t good candidates for surgical removal or who have cancerous growths in a highly visible area. And finally, it can eliminate the need for surgery, anesthesia, and incisions altogether, as well as pain, bruising, and swelling which is ideal for many patients.

Is IG-SRT Successful?

Mohs surgery and IG-SRT share a similar rate of success – IG-SRT has a 99.3% cure rate, making it one of the best available options for skin cancer treatment. Although Mohs surgery has also historically been very successful (as much as 98%), the fewer risks associated with SRT make it a much more attractive option. With a similar cure rate to Mohs surgery, there are plenty of reasons to choose SRT over Mohs surgery.

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