Unraveling the Truth About Skin Cancer and Sun Protection in Terre Haute, Indiana

Did you know that approximately one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70? Today, we are here to guide you through the details of skin cancer and sun protection. At Biltmore Dermatology we offer a variety of skin cancer treatments to help you achieve the healthy skin you deserve. Continue reading to learn more about our skin cancer treatments and sun protection tips.

The Reality of SPF

Many people believe that bigger is always better when it comes to SPF. However, SPF 30 to SPF 50 is useful for most individuals. Anything over SPF 50 offers slight additional protection and can give a false sense of security. It’s also crucial to understand that SPF protection does not increase proportionately with a designated SPF number. Making sure to apply your sunscreen enough and regularly is actually much more crucial than choosing a sunscreen with a very high SPF.

Innovative Ways to Seek Shade

Seeking shade doesn’t just mean sitting under a tree or an umbrella. You should also consider using UV-blocking films on your home or car windows, especially if you spend a lot of time near them. Biltmore Dermatology strongly supports this innovative approach to sun protection.

The Need for Protective Clothing

It is important to remember that sun-protective clothing is an excellent addition to your sun protection routine. Broad-brimmed hats and UV-blocking clothing can provide a physical barrier between the sun’s harmful rays and your skin. It is also vital to remember to wear sunglasses that block 100% of UV rays to protect your eyes and the skin around them.

Regular Skin Check-ups

At Biltmore Dermatology, we believe that early detection is the best form of skin cancer prevention. Regular skin check-ups can help catch signs of skin cancer early when it’s most treatable. For residents of Terre Haute, Indiana, our staff recommends that those with a family history of skin cancer or who have a lot of moles consider a skin check-up at least once a year.

Terre Haute Indiana and Skin Cancer Statistics

According to recent data, skin cancer rates in Indiana have been steadily rising, aligning with the national trend. The number of newly diagnosed melanoma cases, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, was 2,100 in Indiana in 2016, with 220 deaths. These growing numbers highlight the importance of protection from harmful sun exposure and regular skin checks for the residents of Terre Haute.

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