Mole Removal

What is Cosmetic Mole Removal?

Moles are a common occurrence and often don’t require treatment if they are not cancerous. However, if a mole is bothersome to your confidence and cosmetic goals, it can be easily removed with an in-office procedure. This procedure is called cosmetic mole removal.

Cosmetic Mole Removal Candidates

Good candidates for cosmetic mole removal are patients who are bothered by the appearance of moles and want them removed. In order to ensure your health and safety, our Dermatology Certified provider will assess your moles to determine if they are possibly cancerous. Cancerous moles may require a different treatment approach.

What to Expect During Cosmetic Mole Removal Treatment

There are a variety of ways that moles can be treated, depending on your cosmetic goals and many other factors. Moles can be removed during a simple in-office procedure by our Dermatology Certified
provider. These minor surgical options include:

Shave Excision

Shave excision is performed using a local anesthetic injection. Once the area is numb, our provider will use a small scalpel to cut around and underneath the mole. This option works best for small moles that don’t require suturing.

Excisional Surgery

This option is also performed using a local anesthetic. During this procedure, our provider will cut out
the mole and a small amount of surrounding skin using a sharp punch tool or scalpel. The remaining skin
is then sutured close.


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Cosmetic Mole Removal Results and Recovery

Recovery is typically very brief following cosmetic mole removal. Our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions in regard to wound care, restrictions, and follow-up. Once dressings come off, it’s essential to keep the area covered with sunscreen of at least SPF 30. This helps prevent sun damage and pigmentation. As with any surgery, there is a chance of visible scarring after mole removal and our skincare providers can help you explore additional ways to fade scarring.

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